Be sensitive to the other improvisers. Do anything that your character would do to support / move the story forward with or for them.

Your emotional connection is key to the reality of the scene.

You don't have to blindly "yes, and..." them, but rather "yes, and ..." the scene.
If your character has conflict with another character, it wouldn't feel real to blindly agree with them.

Be true to your character and argue with them, whatever, but move the scene forward.

Be sensitive to the real connection at all costs.

Be a Robot

Many improvisors use acronyms like CROW (character, relationship, objective, where) to navigate scenes. We think thos are cool to a certain extent, but notice how the name isn't robot sensitive. Your partner comes first.

The ROBOT acronym:
Real objective begins on truth
"If this true what else is true"

IMPROV JAMS coming to Fremont (Niles)

early February 2015

Be Sensitive